Nicole Samantha Dimt is a 23-year-old artist from Toronto, Canada. Nicole holds a BFA in Visual Arts from York University with a specialization in acrylic painting, where she graduated in June of 2022. She is currently working as an apprentice concept artist for MI Concept + Design.
Nicole's art focuses on themes of distortion, manipulation, colour inversion, and childlike wonder. 
In her work, Nicole tries to channel her own inner child, and create distorted wonderlands of both mystery and beauty, creating the childhood she wishes she always had.  She intends for her pieces to have underlying themes of both joy, and innocence. She creates to escape from the reality of having to grow up, and also connect to the unblemished, younger side of herself, who hadn’t known the sad truths of this world, who was so fascinated by colours, lines, shapes and patterns, and what they did to stimulate the imagination.
Nicole's work encourages people to forget the harsh realities of the world, forget about socio-political dramas, forget about what troubles them, and for a minute, escape into worlds of extreme colour, mania, and distortion where everything is alright.
For a complete list of Nicole's CV, check "Professional CV and Awards" tab.
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